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February 19, 2008

2/19 Music Lesson

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Music Lesson w/Derek

Lesson went real well tonight – better on my part than the previous one. My “assignment” was to create a melody – then determining “what all the things each of the notes can be.” Essentially take it note by note and figure out what chords could be played over each note. Pretty much take each note and look at it from some sort of a guide tone perspective (i.e. either b3, 3, 7, b7 note) and do this for every note. I hadn’t really come up with anything I was pleased with, but in the time before my lesson – I managed to pick up out a nice chordal melody with a cheap nylon string guitar in the next room using inversions, embellishments, chromatic movement, arpeggios all as tools for voice leading.

The lesson consisted of me playing over a ii-V-I progression in C (Dm, G7, C) but with various embellishments. I had a pretty good handle on it and came up with some nice themes on the spot, superimposed some chords, and even got outside using tritone substitutions over the dominant chords. Hell I was even a bit proud of how it went – and even got some props from him in the middle of some of the phrases. Then I jammed over a I-vi-ii-V (in C as well) with the instruction of using chord-soloing…this is something I gotta work on and isn’t something that comes easy.



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